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Ruth Eales Debuts at Stantonbury Gallery

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

The shutter falls on the current exhibition by Michael Flack this weekend, but Stantonbury's gallery space won't be free of wall-based eye-catching work for long – a new show will be unveiled on Monday (Feb 1).

Ruth Eales is the artist at the helm. Her work takes on many forms, styles and approaches, and can be strikingly personal.

“I have a particular passion for portraiture – capturing the person behind the face – but I tackle many other subjects as well, including animal illustrations and my own struggles with depression.

“I began to travel and volunteer at the age of 14. My trips to the Philippines heightened my awareness of social injustice from a young age and inspired my work,” she said, explaining the thought-process behind some of her pieces.

“I experience a sense of relief when I think of a way to depict something that I would otherwise struggle to express and am grateful to be blessed with the chance to do this whilst making a living.”

And with that work including striking pieces like the one above, 'I just woke up like this,' it's easy to see why Ruth's creativity is proving to be such a hit, with appreciation and orders coming in from around the world.


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