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Based in Buckinghamshire, Ruth Eales is best known for her vibrant watercolour illustrations, compassionately capturing the presence and characters of animals. Her body of work is eclectic, though, with different approaches and mediums to suit the subject matter, intending to depict that which is not tangible. 

Oil paintings “How Long is a Piece of String?” and "Parched" are meticulously painted in muted colours, breaking the 4th wall with elements that protrude from the canvas.

Within this project, titled

"Intangible Entities", Ruth takes elements of both surrealism and symbolism. She says: “I get a sense of relief by giving feelings a form. I hope that those who relate can get something from this work, and maybe it can help those who don't to understand”.

Ruth won the SAA’s (Society for All Artists) coveted “Young Artist of the Year” award 2017, as well as “Best Young Animal or Wildlife”.

Her winning pieces “Sniffer John” and “Rise” were showcased over a series of events, including the highly prestigious ICHF event at Birmingham NEC.

A selection of Ruth’s work was sold in London Gallery, the ‘Artful Pelican’, where 40-100% of the profits were donated to the charity ‘Street Souls’, providing food, toiletries and advice to homeless and vulnerable people.


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