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Christmas Cards for Sale

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Now, I think we’re all aware that Christmas is just around the corner – which is a time of year I love, as it’s a great opportunity to be thoughtful whilst getting creative with gift ideas.

I’m also getting busy with commissions, making the kind thoughts of others come alive in one of a kind, personalised gifts that I have the pleasure of creating. However, this year, I’ve managed to find some time to design a lovely pack of 6 Christmas Cards for your family and friends too.

Why Christmas Cards?

I’ve decided to design these cards to offer some affordable artwork alongside your winter greetings. I consciously tried to not commercialise the designs, so focussed on the beauty of these three animals, which are all commonly associated with the winter season.

What Media?

I created the artwork using watercolour paints, followed by a fine black pigment pen and a white gel pen to emphasise the highlights and details in these beautiful animals. I love all living creatures and enjoy capturing their forms and more importantly – their characters. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing these with your friends and families.

How Much?

As a self-employed artist from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, it probably comes as no surprise that I believe in supporting other small businesses as much as possible. Not just as someone who sells, but also as a consumer. I much prefer to support the local people and businesses which tend to deliver a high quality service in a far more personal and caring way.

Because of this, my artwork is printed and created using local business’ – rather than bulk bought and manufactured like chain stores. However, I also want my work to be affordable – so I’ve priced them £10 for a pack of 6, with two of each of the three designs. I hope each card will go on to contain good wishes, spreading kindness to those who are important to you.

Where to Buy?

They will be available to buy in my Etsy store, along with some of my other artwork and crafts. Alternatively you can buy them directly through me.

I’m also still available for Christmas commissions, but please contact me as soon as possible!

My email is:

And my Etsy store is:


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